Bihor is a county of Romania, with capital city at Oradea. Together with Hajdú-Bihar County in Hungary it constitutes the Biharia Euroregion. This county has a total area of 7,544 km2 (2,913 sq mi). In the East side of the County there are the Apuseni Mountains with heights up to 1,800 m (5,906 ft). The heights decrease westwards, passing through the hills an ending in the Romanian Western Plain – the eastern side of the Pannonian plain.

The main city of the Bihor county is Oradea, German: Großwardein, Hungarian: Nagyvárad, the capital city of Bihor County and Crișana region, is one of the important centers of economic, social and cultural development in the western part of Romania, retaining these characteristics throughout history. The city is nestled between the hills that separate and unify in a harmonious way with plain Crișana. Located on the banks of Crișul Repede River, that divides the city into almost equal halves, it is the gateway to Central and Western Europe.

The city is important from our motorcycle – tour oriented descriptions because it is located about 10 km (6.2 mi) from Borș, the most important crossing point on the west border (with Hungary). Oradea ranks tenth in size among Romanian cities.

The city is located in the opening of the Criș valley and the plain area, in an area of contact between the extensions of the Apuseni Mountains and the extended plain Crișana-Banat. It lies as the area of transition from relief hills, to the Pannonian plain, providing acces to the Apuseni Mountains (West Carpathians)- place where every hard off roader can have his fun – and also trough the E 60 (good road, but clogged by heavy traffic) to Cluj Napoca, the most important city in Transilvania (150 km east from Oradea).

Oradea is important for any traveler on 2 wheels that enters Romania in the north-western corner of the land, and provides good road connections also to the Maramuresch and the Banat regions.

As the first big city near the border, Oradea has a lot of good hotels, an International Airport and a vibrating night-life, so that a stop here will not just ensure good services, but also a great stay.

Oradea is perfect placed when you are heading for Romania, the city is offering all you can need – repair shops, information sources, money changing and every possible service that you might need before going inside Romania. Even long-time parking in case you came with your motorcycle on a trailer can be arranged here.