If somebody is looking to get better aknowleged with the most authentic Romanian spirit and culture, then he must visit the Maramures historical region.

The Maramures county has a total area of 6,304 square kilometres (2,434 sq mi), of which 43% is covered by the Rodna Mountains, with its tallest peak, Pietrosul, at 2,303 metres (7,556 ft) altitude. Together with Gutâi and Țibleș mountain ranges, the Rodna mountains are part of the Eastern Carpathians. The rest of the county are hills, plateaus, and valleys. The county is crossed by Tisa River and its main tributaries: Iza, Vișeu, and Mara rivers.

The region is known for its beautiful rural scenery, local small woodwork and craftwork industry as well as for its churches and original rural architecture. There are not many paved roads in rural areas, and most of them are usually accessible.

Surrounded by high mountains, the picturesque region of the Maramures county is a magical place where time has stopped. The motorbike traveler will experience a real time-travel while he rides his latest bike build in 2012 or 2014 by Honda, Yamaha or BMW trough the 19-the century. The villages , the houses, the way people dress and behave are glimpses on a time like 100 years ago in other parts of Europe.

Maybe the road quality is not always great, but a short (or longer) tour trough the Maramares is worth taking the time. The local are very skillful in working wood, and some great and unique wood buildings – and some of them new- are here to be admired. One of the symbols of the region is a large and carved wooden gate, and the craftsmanship and poetical talent of the people here is shown at the Merry Cemetery, the place where even death is laughed about.

For the biker seeking adventure, the Maramures region is offering some of the best off-road tracks in the northern part of Romania, and adding to that the world famous Wasser valley Steamtrain..there are no wisches left open to those to visit this region and enjoy the open hospitality and the great food offered in numerous family-run pensions and guesthouses by the merry folks of the Maramures region.


Pensiunea La Domnita Poienile Izei

One of the best and most welcoming places to visit and book a room in the Maramures County Located in a picturesque village , the 2 stars graded La Domnita (The Lady) pension offers great food, a warm welcome for motorbike travelers and a great accommodation.

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Pensiunea Dariana


Located on the hills close to the Vladeasa Mountains, the Dariana Pension is situated 70 km away form Cluj and 110 km from Oradea. The Pension Dariana is one of the best places in the Apuseni Mountains for a short holyday or for organizing events.

The pension is established since 2008, is managed as a small family business where everybody does his best , so that we can offer a great stay to our guests.

The Dariana Pension is situated in the middle of a great region for offroad and enduro drivers.

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